An Online Hybrid Workshop to Help You Market Your Business

Connect With Customers

Revolutionize Your Marketing

Grow Your Company

An Online Hybrid Workshop to Help You Market Your Business

Connect With Customers

Revolutionize Your Marketing

Grow Your Company

Are you unsure or confused about your marketing?

Do you fumble when it comes to explaining your business? Are you unsure about your marketing strategy? Are you wasting money on advertising? Are you unable to get more clients?


It's not about hiring a better copywriter, building a prettier website, getting a better logo. It's not even about your photographs.


It's about how your customers & clients perceive you as a whole.


Your story, your purpose, your product and services needs to speak to each other seamlessly. Everything needs to make sense and come together holistically. If you say the wrong thing, it can add chaos to your business.



Here's the thing:

You don't need a fancy MBA or lots of money to create massive change. All of the entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants who have taken this course call it "a game changer" and here's why: 


You will get everything you need in 12 steps to start connecting with customers.

"Sonya is a highly skilled coach who is very knowledgeable in her field and and I highly recommend her services! Absolutely amazing!"





Understand Business
Fundamentals & Strategies

You'll learn, incorporate and go through all the fundamentals, step-by-step with no leaf uncovered!

Become a Master at Branding, Marketing & Sales

Create your own story brand, advanced marketing & messaging using Fortune 100 & Startup strategies to attract, market and target your customers.

Turn Prospects into Loyal Customers and Fans Easily

Craft experiences that speak directly to the core of what matters most to your customers. Learn how relationships can to turn them into loyal advocates.

Explode Your Growth and Multiply Revenue

Award-winning strategies & methods taught in this course are proven and guaranteed to get results. Get weekly accountability & support.

Introducing a 12-Week Hybrid Workshop & Mentorship Program named 'Win Clients, Big Profits'.

Get step-by-step training to learn the exact branding, marketing, sales techniques used by Fortune 100 companies & entrepreneurs around the world.


For private mentorship, click here.


"I am only in week 5 and I landed my first high-ticket client! It didn't even feel like I did anything. Most of it was my mindset, my story and business positioning. I can't believe it!"


John McDaid, Copywriter

"I just spoke to my dream client (never thought this would happen) and they just openly said on our call that they'd work with me. It was so easy and effortless!"

Shay Sparks, Business Consultant to Musicians

"This program has really helped me clear out the clutter and focus on getting some serious results. I realized that I was spending too much time in places that would not generate revenue. I've since narrowed my focus and am starting to see results!"

Nika Wolf, Marketing Strategist

Hands On Training That Is Easy To Implement

For Any Business & Entrepreneur

  • Award Winning brand and marketing strategies designed for any business and entrepreneur

  • 12 Weeks of guided step-by-step training

  • Weekly mentorship and support for accountability, progress and growth

  • Direct Mentorship with Sonya on how to craft your message and position your business

  • Learn on the go from any device

  • Money Back Guarantee

How the Accelerator Workshop Works

As soon as you sign up, you will receive instant access to the first training module in the hybrid workshop program. Each week, you will receive a new training module - all of the lessons are cumulative, so it's important to go through the content week by week. Sonya designed the program this way to allow for your mindset to shift over time and allow you to absorb the material.


She has found that students who rush through the program do not get the results they seek. Commitment to success takes work, wouldn't you say?


You’ll get your own username and password to access the course content online.

There’s no expiration date or deadline to go through the course, as long as the course is alive in the world, you’ll have unlimited access!




    Core Values + Mission Statements


    Purpose & Story Development


    Competitive Analysis & Scalability


    Target Customer Development


    Empathy + User Experience Mapping


    Emotional Intelligence + User Flow Design


    Funnel Designs & Wireframes


    Million Dollar Branding


    Authority Positioning & Content Strategy


    Advanced Marketing


    Sales Strategies


    Delegate, Hire & Manage Teams

With the help of Sonya's Win Clients, Big Profits program, I was able to make some refinements to my funnels and remove steps that were pushing my customers and clients away. I didn't realize how many hoops I made them jump through. In as little as 5 weeks, I've gotten an amazing response from my new clients and feel more confident than ever. The roadmap WORKS!


Exact Steps to Attracting Customers

Together we will carefully research and understand the behaviors, traits, habits, frustrations, needs, wants and desires of a customer. With this crucial information. Learn how to attract them effortlessly.

Sales & Acquisition Techniques

When you have bulletproof knowledge of the behaviors and psychology of your customers, you can create an absolute acquisition plan to curate some of your best high-paying customers.

Complete Marketing & Sales Clarity

Reverse-engineer the psychology of your customers. When you know exactly when, where, how why they need your business, you can create the most impactful branding, marketing, content & sales campaigns.

Turn Clients into Loyal Advocates

Once you have a network and waitlist of high-paying customers, you'll learn how to turn them into loyal lifelong fans and advocates who will share your business over and over again. Free marketing anyone?

Interactive Training with Stories
Each week, you will be sent a new lesson with virtual video where I explain the thoughts, processes and methods in which you need to break down and reverse-engineer your million dollar plan.

Assignments & Worksheets

With each of the lessons, you will also be asked to download the worksheets and exercises. You will be able to work directly with Sonya directly through Google Suite for expert feedback.

Work At Your Own Pace. No Pressure.
All lessons are pre-recorded and available to you whenever you need it. If you miss a week, the video and lessons are still available. You will have access to this program life once you purchase this program.

Master the Strategies For Life

Sonya firmly believes that it is important to teach people how the strategies, theories and methods in which results can be achieved. Why pay a large amount of money and not learn the tools & tricks? Learn it once, master it for life.

What's my commitment?



How much time will you continue to spend with lack of clarity. How much is that costing you, in time and finances? How many customers are you passing by due to lack of clarity? How will people find and hire you? Are you being under-recognized for the amount of skill and experience you have? How will you serve your audience if you remain lost in a sea of chaos?


Your business is costing you.. a lot.

What the Workshop Includes:


  • 12 Weeks of Advanced Mentorship
  • 24 Intense Business Training Videos
  • 26 Downloadable Assignments and Worksheets
  • Private & Exclusive Mentorship with Sonya via Email
  • Weekly Support & Accountability Live Meetings
  • Access to a community of Business Leaders
  • Exclusive insights to additional lessons and resources

Expect Amazing Transformations & Massive Returns, Both Personally & Professionally.




Per Seat



$997 Down + 4 Payments of


Let's compare the costs:

Brand Audit

Business Consulting


Online Hybrid Workshop

$1,500 flat fee

$15,000+ plus expenses

$10,000+ plus expenses

$2,497 total cost

Do you have questions or concerns? Let's chat.


Click here to schedule a call with Sonya to discuss and see if this training is the best fit for you.

See what other students are saying...

Sonya took time to help me improve my business. Being an Air Force Veteran and working in the civilian arena for many years after, this program was much needed and appreciated. I am well versed and ready to take on the task of finding my high-ticket customers. Thank you so much Sonya.​

Blake Baumann

Working with Sonya, I found her as a person with great education and deep wisdom of modern marketing solutions. Insightful, eager, strong and wise creative - that's Sonya. She helped me figure out the root cause of my marketing strategies and led me to the right direction for impactful business growth. She is your go-to person assess your business.​

Lei Yan

I heard about Sonya long time ago and when I realized she was speaking at a Mastermind I was attending I was star struck. Learned so much in her presentation! 

Then I got really lucky to meet her in person and then get her as a coach. She has helped me make more progress than I've had after taking dozens of courses and trainings in the previous years. She is THE coach and consultant everyone should be working with!

Nika Wolf

I was lucky enough to have a phone call with Sonya this week. I felt stuck in my business and not exactly sure how to proceed.


Sonya gave me excellent feedback on what I was lacking, how to fix it and a roadmap to move forward.


I feel invigorated now that I have a more refined direction.​

Renee Brown

As A Bonus, You'll Also Get:

  • 10 Steps to Writing a Client-Attracting Book

    Suzanne Doyle-Ingram, the founder of Prominence Publishing, shares with you the 10 steps to creating a lead-magnet and book that converts readers into clients.

  • Hiring A Virtual Team

    Nathan Hirsch, the CEO of Freeeup, offers tips, strategies and practical advice on how to hire and expand your businesses with the help of virtual team members.

  • Business Automation & Email Campaigns

    Matt Wright, an expert in business automation who has helped 6-7-8 figure entrepreneurs, shares with us on how to craft a compelling email strategy and campaign that converts and sells.

  • Facebook Chatbots

    Arne Giske, a leading expert in Facebook Marketing, shares with you a strategy on how to use Facebook Chatbots to uncover new revenue. Learn how you can further your reach through a simple chatbot.

This workshop is not just ANY training program. It's definitely not for everyone.


When you begin, you will gain access to total culmination of Sonya's 20 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur, founder, business owner, user experience expert and also emotional intelligence public speaker.


If that isn't enough, you will be a part of an active and vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are as dedicated to growth as you are. This isn't the kind of program where you are left alone, we make sure that everyone moves forward and gets the results they deserve.

If you've managed to read this far, you're definitely interested in parts of this program. Every lesson, method and strategy taught in this program has been used on real projects, businesses ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 clients. Get access to actionable, insightful and powerful methods that will transform the way you see and run any business. Contact me directly if you have any questions.

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Meet Sonya

I am a keynote speaker, branding and UX expert, and entrepreneur in Orange County, California. By age 26, I became an award-winning web designer and had the honor of being called “disruptive” when helping Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, launch I have since worked on brands for Warner Bros, AT&T, TrueCar, Adobe, Cisco and launched several tech companies.. too many to list!


It's funny how my life evolved. With more than 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, technology and startups, I now help Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs make more money by developing business strategies that persuade and attract customers. I constantly pinch myself because it's hard to believe that I've done all of this on my own.


At an early age, I was sent to live in a monastery that left me emotionally scarred and struggling to know my true self. Being cut off from mainstream society initially stunted my growth, but rather than shrink back, I used the experience to push my own boundaries of personal evolution and improve the human experience. In that process, I developed several tools, systems and resources to help me (and others) flourish. I am also the founder of 'UX Your Life', a personal development framework designed to maximize the human potential.

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