Behind Every Business You Love Is A
Brand Strategy Built To Make You Fall In Love With It.


Get Private One-on-One Mentorship For Any Business or Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt like...

Your business is missing a 'something special' and you can't put your finger on it?

Is your business struggling to connect with customers?

Your customers are confused about who you are and what you do?

Is your revenue stalled, or worse, slowing down to a trickle?

I will show you how to transform your story and expertise into a brand that helps customers understand your business DNA.


A strategically well-positioned brand creates clarity and focus.

You'll learn how to easily (and effortlessly) connect with your customers using the UserX Method and Business Empathy. Together we will design a customer experience that you can use to transform your business into a well-respected, trusted, profitable entity.


I have helped clients unstuck themselves and 10X'ed their revenue. I've helped them create signature offers, courses and brands and I will help you too.


This is an all encompassing business accelerator program where you get personal guidance from me. 

I give lots of hands on attention in this accelerator. We talk WEEKLY. You get personal guidance from me. And you get a group mastermind. You have step by step involvement in your business from me.


Success requires us to be on the same page and this is what I give you when you join the Business Accelerator.

Here's what you can expect:

I help business owners unravel ordinary chaos into extraordinary brands. Together, we transform your authentic purpose and story into a captivating experience for your customers that is both fulfilling and profitable.


You'll learn how to position yourself as the industry expert you deserve to be seen as, design your life and create the results you've always dreamed of. You'll also learn how to unlock any hidden revenue opportunities and learn these tools for life.


In my 8 week coaching program, you'll:

  • Create a bulletproof roadmap with exact steps
  • A strong customer acquisition strategy
  • Authentic storytelling that compels your audience
  • Bridge the gap between prospects and high-paying customers
  • Deliver engaging content marketing that inspires trust
  • Design a buyer experience that transforms them into loyal advocates.
  • More importantly, you'll learn how to fall in love with yourself and your business all over again.

Are you ready to do this?

See what some of my students are saying..


Sonya took time to help me improve my business. Being an Air Force Veteran and working in the civilian arena for many years after, this program was much needed and appreciated. I am well versed and ready to take on the task of finding my high-ticket customers. Thank you so much Sonya.​

- Blake B.

Startup Senior Executive

Working with Sonya, I found her as a person with great education and deep wisdom of modern marketing solutions. Insightful, eager, strong and wise creative - that's Sonya. She helped me figure out the root cause of my marketing strategies and led me to the right direction for impactful business growth. She is your go-to person assess your business.​

- Lei Y.

Marketing Strategist

I heard about Sonya long time ago and when I realized she was speaking at a Mastermind I was attending I was star struck. Learned so much in her presentation! 

Then I got really lucky to meet her in person and then get her as a coach. She has helped me make more progress than I've had after taking dozens of courses and trainings in the previous years. She is THE coach and consultant everyone should be working with!

- Nika W.

President & Founder

I was lucky enough to have a phone call with Sonya this week. I felt stuck in my business and not exactly sure how to proceed.


Sonya gave me excellent feedback on what I was lacking, how to fix it and a roadmap to move forward.


I feel invigorated now that I have a more refined direction.​

- Renee B.

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