Keynotes That Inspire Action

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I teach people how to tap into their authenticity, transform their core purpose into magnificent powerful stories. Leveraging my business and intuitive background, I'm able to transform the way we think about life, business and relationships.

Audience members at events I speak at leave feeling motivated, inspired and are full of energy to act on the concrete ideas I've shared to help them become more fulfilled and effective.


Inspiration works when you can help them envision success through storytelling.


As a respected member of the tech community, my keynote topics focus on creating strength through authenticity and power, as well as concrete business practices that improve productivity, leadership and profitability.


I am happy to customize each talk for any audience and also create custom workshops or seminars for different occasions.


I also host a number of workshops through throughout the year, both live and virtual. These are more intensive half and full-day interactive sessions designed to help teams be authentic, passionate and profitable.

What to expect when you hire me:

Motivation + Application

Every talk is not just motivational, but also immediately actionable. I believe that it's one thing to motivate and inspire, but another to actually manifest success.




Every event and audience is unique. Prior to the event, it is imperative that we discuss the topic, goals and motivations in advance so that I have a clear understanding of the opportunities and how I can best serve.

Emphasis on Empathy & Service

Business Empathy is a core topic of mine, this includes taking care of your business goals, audience and team. I am available to inspire and create value along the way. I truly believe that we can lead the charge and change the future by connecting and understanding those we serve from a point of compassion.



    Million Dollar Branding on a Shoe-String Budget


    Branding is a powerful thing. Used correctly, it creates trust, draws an emotional response, and attracts customers effortlessly.  What most people fail to understand is that branding is more than just a logo, picking out a few colors, or fancy fonts.


    Billion dollar companies constantly invest in their branding, seeking to unlock the perfect combination that endlessly attracts high-paying, loyal customers. In this talk, we'll talk about how to yield magical results when strategically applying creative and innovative approaches to capturing the hearts of your most loyal customers.


    Key Takeaways

    • Why branding is so important to any business
    • How storytelling can be a powerful tool to connect with customers
    • Why it's important for customers to quickly understand your business DNA
    • The steps necessary for crafting a compelling story brand
    • How story branding influences marketing, content, sales and business strategies

    Authenticity - The Super Power That Gives


    Authenticity in the work place isn't about branding yourself differently or bragging. It simply means that you prioritize your self worth and develop an identity that is not all about your work. When you learn to embrace vulnerability and transform that raw energy into authenticity, you learn how to develop core principles and values that will take you from your past, present to the future.


    In this talk, you'll learn how to find your authentic voice and why it's important to dig below the surface to connect with your true self completely. You'll also learn how authenticity can super charge your business, help you connect better with your ideal customer and how you can use it to influence and prospect.


    Key Takeaways

    • The difference between authenticity and vulnerability
    • Why authenticity is more important than ever for business owners, creators and influencers.
    • How to peel back the layers of our authentic self, voice and beliefs
    • The questions we should be asking ourselves to improve our connections
    • How to apply empathy to others, but more importantly to ourselves.

    EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in the HQ (Headquarters)


    Can emotional intelligence lead to better results? Absolutely! While leadership can be elusive, soft skills and purposeful practices can set you up for success personally, internally with your team and with your customers. Learn how emotional intelligence can be applied personally and professionally, and support your company infrastructure for inspirational, productive and creative growth. 


    Key Takeaways

    • Understanding the 4 areas of emotional intelligence
    • How you can use EQ to improve your business in life
    • Why relationships matter and how they can be used drive success
    • How empathy plays a role in your ability to lead
    • The kind of boundaries that supercharge your influence
    • How to avoid the "kindness" trap and how to invest in long-term effectiveness

    Four Pillars of Success


    Leading a highly profitable business, who are doing intensive work, can be a challenging experience. However, the rewards can be huge. In this talk, Sonya shares the four pillars of success - the core things that every leader, entrepreneur will need to face and how to account for them in a meaningful way. Success is not just about turning wheels, but includes conversations, culture, leadership, practices and processes that can set you up for success in the long-term.


    Key Takeaways

    • Success is more than just being good at a job
    • False beliefs that can lead to organizational stagnancy
    • How to avoid failure, especially as a solo-entrepreneur
    • Why processes are important and crucial to growth and scaling
    • Tactical business tools and methods to solve problems and meet customer needs
    • Why leadership is the most important pillar of all

      How to Transform Your Life with Design Thinking


      What exactly is User Experience, UX for short? UX is the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. Learn how you can maximize your potential, uncover your true self like layers of an onion using design thinking.


      Key Takeaways

      • Why (startup) agile thinking and flexibility can help you pinpoint what holds you back
      • How design thinking can push you to your potential
      • How leadership starts when you take charge of your inner dialog
      • How to reshape and prune your past, and create a rich future personally, spiritually and professionally.
      • Why UX is different from therapy, counseling or mentorship


        Corporate Training

        ​Leadership, design thinking, emotional intelligence, business empathy, marketing & sales training, workshops for senior executives or team growth.


        Mastermind Groups

        Privately curated training groups specifically aligned with your business needs. Combines private support, hands-on training, strategic lessons and community experience.

        Keynote Speaking

        Powerful & moving stories on leadership, culture, emotional intelligence and empathy - all topics that ultimately impact productivity, performance and sales.

        I can’t tell you how impressed I am by what Sonya is doing. I love it. I am a designer and been a UX Designer for over 20 years - in a whole bunch of different domains. I saw Sonya’s talk and it hit me - user experience is the secret ingredient to a winning business. I have spent months learning about entrepreneurship and now it all makes complete sense. - Mike G.

        Our ability to perform professionally is fundamentally tied to our individual personal lives and stories, which can be frowned upon by corporate America in 2019. Yet, when someone is delivering a keynote or building a personal brand online it is essential to integrate the two worlds into a cohesive way in order to be authentic and build trust with an audience. Sonya Lee delivered that experience in an emotional and practical keynote that I caught in Nashville in February 2019. She told an inspiring story about how her multicultural perspective was solidified by being raised abroad and in a Buddhist monastery. She was able to tie her strict, yet mindful upbringing to how one should be thinking about scaling a business: holistically and considering the entire landscape of variables, and getting help where one needs it. I would recommend Sonya for any keynote, webinar, small group facilitation, or any other place where she’s given the opportunity to rally an audience. 

        -Aaron A.

        “Sonya very clearly has a strong grasp of the startup industry and understands consumer behavior very well. Her advice is methodical, specific and relevant. More importantly, she provides us with actionable advice that makes my team and I walk away determined to get back to work. She is absolutely in the top 5% of mentors I’ve had.”

        - Bryce K.


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